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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 17:36


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1. Know who you are buying from and their professional affiliations: Thoroughly check out their website and read customer testimonials. It can be very important to know if the landscape company you are considering is a member of professional landscaping associations. These organizations promote safe and ethical business practices.

2. Know that cheaper is not always better: Landscape maintenance contracts are made up of many factors, but the largest percentage of the contract is labor. Doesn’t it make sense that a lower price translates into less labor? Less labor means fewer hours on your jobsite at each visit. Is that what you want?

3. Know your contractors capacity and size: Is the landscape contractor you are considering capable of handling a job of your size, be it big or small? Photoscape Landscape and Design has the capacity to handle landscape contracts and lawn care projects of all sizes. We have done landscape installations ranging from $2,700 to over $400,000.

4. What is their warranty for installation work? It is inevitable that you may consider some upgrades and improvements for your landscape. When that work is designed and completed, how will the company stand behind the installation? Photoscape warranties plants and trees for 9 months on properties that we maintain.

5. Examine the contract: Know what you may be signing. Additionally, make sure you fully understand the length of the landscape contract and how the billing is broken down during the contract terms. Examine closely what is included in the scope of landscape maintenance work your contract offers