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Irrigation Services


An efficient, fully-functional irrigation system for your commercial or residential property not only protects your landscape investment, but conserves water and your budget. Photoscape Landscape and Design offers comprehensive services for your irrigation system, from landscape installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and on-site repairs.

Beyond simple maintenance, Photoscape provides seasonal inspections and continuously evaluates your irrigation system in relation to your changing landscape. As your landscape matures, our professional staff recommends and implements renovations and improvements to ensure that older systems still meet all your property’s irrigation needs.

Our irrigation services include:

• Installation and Maintenance
• Irrigation Audits
• Troubleshooting
• Onsite Repairs 
• System Upgrades
• Seasonal Inspections and Evaluations
• Technology Upgrades
• Submersible Pump Installation and Repair 

Irrigation Audits


Photoscape’s irrigation techs will complete a thorough audit inspection of your irrigation systems from top to bottom. We ensure that all seals remain intact, heads are not broken and that correct heads are installed so there is no water waste. We also examine the soil and check spray nozzles, the slope of the ground and its exposure to north, south, east, west directions. Upon completion of your irrigation audit, a detailed report will be presented which will include recommendations for repairs if needed.

Drip Irrigation

Installing drip irrigation is an effective way to manage the amount of water used for your property’s landscape. These efficient systems deliver water measured in Gallons Per Hour (GPH), and apply water specifically to areas where it is needed. This improves plant health, conserves water and reduces weeds. Our licensed irrigation technicians handle installation, maintenance and repairs for your drip irrigation system and monitor programming on a weekly basis.