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Photoscape Landscape and Design is not your typical landscape company, and in our view, being different is our greatest strength. Photoscape is a faith-based company built on principles of trust, integrity and respect as well as a permeating conviction that the customer is always right...even when they aren't!

CEO and Founder, Vernon “Oliver” Ray, Ph.D., has extended his personal philosophy of always exceeding expectations to his landscape company and has established a team of professionals who apply these values to everything they do and in every relationship they encounter, whether clients, vendors, or co-workers.

With that spirit in mind, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience every time they engage with Photoscape. We undertake our work seriously and with passion, but we make sure we have fun doing it.

Our associates enjoy their work and each other, and that extends to our client relationships. We appreciate our partnerships with every client and benefit from how they help us learn and grow as an organization.

Our clients have high expectations that are matched only by our own…and we pride ourselves in attempting to meet those expectations, on time, every time!


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